Become the heroic company that changes t

Become the heroic company that ripples through the multiverse,

starting from within.

Transform, optimize, and revolutionize your organization from the inside out.

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Transformational Program

Powerful Coaching 

Be more effective, better inspire & develop others, lead teams gracefully, deftly navigate changes & expertly manage company stakeholders.
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This Room. This Room. It will be your “safe” place to hear your fellow executives and be heard. It will be a place where you envision and take action on your company’s next level. Life-changing conversations will happen in this room with you, me, and a gathering of your top executives in your company. We’re going to sweat. We’re going to work. We’re going to connect. We’re going to make breakthroughs.


You ready for this?


Robin Angel - here to coach, nurture, and inspire your organization

  • My womanliness, strength, and competence 

  • The passion in my soul and presence

  • Concise coaching - helping you cut directly through the noise to find the signal.

  • I respect YOU, I’m interested in YOU, and I can and will listen to, receive, validate, and nurture you while not putting up with any nonsense at all. 


Fun & Accomplishable Program! Have fun transforming into the next BEST version of yourselves and your company

  • Adventurous, gamified, fun method of delivering the coaching

  • Issues that were previously nebulous will be reframed as “problems” in a way that you can easily solve them

  • I tell you what I need from you for you to get the most out of each session, and then I give you the space to give it to me.

  • Customer Appreciation features in every step. In every step along the way, I very clearly ask for what is needed from you to move onto each new step. And when you put forth your true effort, you will get out what you put in - plus much validation and appreciation from me - to cement a feedback loop of deeply doing the work. For me, for you, in advance, thank you.


Know Yourself - & Each other!

  • Understand the implications of male & female in the workplace (and in general - so useful!) to bring out the best in yourself and the people around you

  • For example - women can learn what motivates men (hint: men love making you happy!), and men, you can learn how to talk to get a women’s attention like you’re the only thing in the room


Easily Available Automatic Downloads

  • Everyone gets their own account - with access to Optimize Angel’s library of resources - there’s something for executives of all genders, ages, and stages

  • Super concise art of communication exercises - walk-through and print-out sheets (step-by-step) for navigating crisis communication and awesome team communication through virtual meetings


Online Portal With Resources You Need Right Now At Your Fingertips

  • You-Feel-Like-Shit type gamified executive functioning easy to use energy protocol made specifically for executives to be employed during stressful moments, and before/after for energy management ---> suitable for emergency stress management AND for long-term habit establishment


Words You Need To Hear, When You Need To Hear It

  • Interviews and/or mentoring from from people who’ve recently been through the quarter-life and mid-life crisis tunnels and come out the other side with clarity - Know what’s happening: it’s natural, it’s a coming-of age thing, and it’s going to be okay...and beautiful on the other side

The Investment: $200,000

(up to 8 participants included in fee)

12 full days of group executive coaching in Redding, CA

Apply Now - $250 Application Fee

Fee includes specific feedback on your application and a 1:1 discovery call