Hi! I'm Robin Angel, founder and Executive Optimize Coach.


Do you know what Ikigai is? The Japanese have so many cool philosophical concepts, and this is one of them. Translated, Ikigai means "Reason For Being".


My Work Ikigai: Jump out of bed excited to serve clients in the most powerful way I can conceive

I am looking to provide executive optimize coaching to leaders who are central to internal cultures in Redding, CA and surrounding areas. 

I want to empower all executives within an organization to command mastery of the leadership challenge.


I want to: bring new ideas in to transform and optimize the way everyone interacts with everyone, create a health centric, harmonic, and more productive synergy with stakeholders, parters, investors, customers, & employees. 


Optimize Angel is a revolution that takes place in an organization from the inside out 


Companies that plan to scale will have amazing new standard operating procedures that makes the world better as the optimal systems touch other lives. It’s amazing and life changing. How much is that worth? Priceless. 


GIANT GOAL: SERVE AND CONNECT POWERFULLY WITH 5,000 COMPANIES, LOCAL AND BEYOND (Shasta County currently has approx. 4,326 companies with employees)